The Importance of Physical Activity on the Mind.

I believe deep down we all know we should be doing physical activity. Everyone’s why for doing it is different and that’s okay, no two people are ever the same. However, the outcome of activity is often in direct correlation from person to person. The endorphins released, the natural dopamine rush received, the visual elements of seeing progression, the practice of staying consistent even when you don’t feel like it… The list goes and on and on. 

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The cliche runs “There is no such thing as a bad workout”. No matter what way you look at it, putting your body under some healthy stress, is one of the best ways to destress. It goes without saying the physical benefits in which we all desperately desire from the beach bod to the 1 rep max, but often we forget about the mental benefits. Its normal to hear people pedestalize those great desires but what about the mind? Fitness isn’t just physical. There are many different elements under the heading of fitness. Without one ingredient and too much of the other, the soup won’t taste as good… The scale needs to balance.

One of the biggest benefits of exercise on the mind is the ability to grow into oneself from increased self-esteem and confidence. Something I like to call the swagger of a champion. When you are putting in work on yourself it gives you a new energy. It makes you feel worthy, and it allows yourself to want to have that feeling as much as you can.

For this reason, the mind is without doubt the most important muscle in the body because if the mind doesn’t function then the body won’t move. It’s something we take for granted. The ability to move. If we are to think of it in a fitness scenario, let’s say for instance you go to LA Gym to perform some squats in the High-Performance room. Before you squat the mind is telling the body to do the movement pattern. If the mind doesn’t allow you to squat the body wont squat.  If the mind doesn’t allow your right hand to raise the body won’t raise it. 

To conclude mental fitness is just as and even more important than physical fitness. Elements such as increases in cognitive function, mental sharpness, focus and personal sanity all make up the thesis of the importance of physical activity on the mind.