General Membership Rules and Conditions

Memberships are designed to give you, the member, the opportunity to pay for use of Leixlip Amenities facilities by upfront payment. There are a number of categories of memberships which give you benefits as follows:

Couple/Joint membership

This gives two adults residing together the opportunity to jointly purchase memberships at a discounted rate. Each member will receive an individual membership card. All changes to the membership must be made by the primary member. Proof of address will be required for both members.

Student membership

To qualify for student membership you must be aged between 16 years and 26 years and be in full time education. Production of a valid student ID card is required.

Corporate membership

This entitles groups of 10 or more from the same organisation to take out a membership with corporate rates.

General fitness/screening report:

Please inform a member of staff if you answer yes to any of the following:

1. history or family history of heart disease
2. high blood pressure or medicated for same
3. smoking habit
4. diabetes/mellitus
5. high cholesterol
6. asthma/respiratory disease
7. recent surgery
8. chronic disease
9. pregnancy within the last 3 months
10. back, join or muscle disorder
11. incidents of seizure, blackout or fainting
12. taking any medication or substance
13. more than 20lbs overweight

Members are requested to accept responsibility for their personal, medical and physical condition in order to take part in Leixlip Amenities’ activities including the use of the gym and gym equipment. Any assessment undertaken in the facility is for general information only with a view to giving advice and should not be relied on by members as certifying their fitness or otherwise to the facilities or equipment. Leixlip Amenities advises all members to consult with their doctor prior to beginning a programme of physical exercise.

All Fitness Class users are requested to attend classes on time failure arrive on time will result in you being refused entry.

Gym Users will be refused entry to our gym if they don't have a Towel

No Personal training is permitted

Visitors (non-members) may access the gym for €10. Non-member access times may be restricted during busy periods and during COVID restrictions, see our COVID-19 page for further details.

A refund for non-use of membership will not be granted under any circumstances nor can membership be transferred from one person to another. In circumstances where a member has been advised to cease fitness activity by a medical professional we can review a request for refund if it is accompanied by a medical note. Any request for a medical refund can be made to the manager via email to

Membership cards are non-transferrable. If your card goes missing you must report it to us immediately. If we suspect that a membership card has been provided by you to another person to enable them to gain access to our facilities we will immediately confiscate the membership card and terminate your membership without refund. If you believe that the membership card was not used with your consent you should report the matter to An Garda Síochána.

Direct-Debit Memberships

Direct-debit memberships have the following rules in addition to the rules governing periodic memberships set out above:

  • Direct-debit members subscribe for a minimum of twelve payments.
  • Membership will automatically renew after twelve months without a further initiation fee payment.
  • Members wishing to cancel their membership after 12 payments have been made must do so in writing to
  • Membership will be suspended where a direct-debit is returned unpaid by the member’s bank. A fee of €6 will be charged for any unpaid direct-debits.
  • Membership may be cancelled where direct-debits are continually returned unpaid.
  • We reserve the right to refuse membership to a member who has previously cancelled direct-debit membership.